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New webcam girls on Livejazmin

One of the things that surprised me most in all the time I’ve been working as a webcam model is one of the complaints from users, which, although it is not the most common, is undoubtedly the most ironic. Some of my regular customers with whom I love to spend hours and hours with on the cam, sometimes tell me they’re sorry that that day they can’t chat with me for very long. I ask them why, and the answer is that they also want to meet other girls and that’s when they get to criticizing the video chat system because they cannot be talking to several girls at once. That is, they complain that there are too many beautiful girls to speak with and they don’t have the time or money enough to do it all!

I think this is the highlight of Livejazmin and one of its biggest advantages for registered members and that it’s ironic that anyone complains about it. It makes no sense because it is always better to choose, even if it is difficult, from a large number of beautiful, exotic, and exuberant girls that can always be found chatting, connected at almost any time of the day as they connect from anywhere in the world.

Screenshot of the chat girls of Livejazmin

The reason that one can not be in various rooms simultaneously has its logic and rules must be respected. It would be counterproductive for the rest of the users that a sole member may be occupying more than one girl because the shows and the conversations are private and no one else can access them until that girl is free for starting a separate session. It is also reasonable to think that you could not focus the interaction on any of them and therefore everyone will be wasting a little time.

In addition, each day brings new webcam girls who start working in the videochat so that if you like novices or amateurs, you can be the first to pervert them.

Finally, I would like to remind you that it is not only girls that you can talk to, but also boys, whether gay or not, transsexuals, transvestites, mature women, lesbians, and even couples or trios that connect to have sex directly, which is super exciting because it is like participating in their intimacy, always being able to decide in the moment what you want them to do.